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    Apex Guns is in the business of serving the sportsman and firearms enthusiast.

    We are available to help you find the firearm you need or desire.

    We repair and modify many types of firearms.

    We can order and install aftermarket modifications for most firearms.

    We can arrange great hunts with some great outfitters.


    We are available to process your internet purchase of hand guns or long arms.

    Fees for Inbound Transfers from other Dealers and Individuals:

      • Each Firearm                    $40.00

    Procedures for Transferring a Firearm (Inbound):

    After purchasing your firearm from a dealer: Email us: dane@apexguns.net with your seller’s contact info (name, phone number, email) along with the manufacturer, model, caliber, and order number (if given) and we will handle the rest. 

    You will receive an email from us confirming the seller has our information and then again when we have received your firearm and it’s ready for pick-up.

    If the dealer / seller does not have our FFL on file, email us at  dane@apexguns.net and we will make contact with the dealer/seller to provide the information they need. We will then let you know that you all are set to make the purchase and follow the procedure above 

    Buying from a non-licensed private individual: 

    Once you have negotiated with the seller and agreed on sale price, email the seller’s contact info along with the manufacturer, model, caliber, and order number (web auction number) and we will contact the seller to request an electronic copy of their drivers license and provide instructions for shipping the firearm to Apex Guns. We will then email you when the firearm arrives and is ready for pick-up. 

    Abandoned Inbound Transfers: 

    Firearms transferred from third-party dealers or individuals will be considered abandoned if not picked up within 30 calendar days absent of individual case basis arrangements made within the 30 calendar day period. Abandoned firearms will be retained or disposed as deemed practical by Apex Guns.

    Returned or Cancelled Inbound Transfers:

    The customer is responsible for all return shipping charges should they wish to cancel and return a firearm to a seller. In addition, the customer will also pay a surcharge of $25 to Apex Guns to cover overhead involved in handling the acquisition and deposition of the firearm. 

     Send us a note with your requirements, or questions, and we will be happy to help with your firearms, gunsmithing, transfers and aftermarket equipment needs.


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